Startup Weekend Nassau — Recap

The journey of Startup Weekend Nassau began when The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) approached Shift The Culture to collaborate on this project with them a few months back.

Designing Better Processes with Evernote

I’ve been busy the last few months. In my early career as an independent consultant and contractor, I’ve met some notable and insightful lows with my highs. One of the biggest lessons can all be summed up into one general thought. How can I get better?

Teaching Kids With CodePen

Last week I had an amazing opportunity to help organize BETA Camp; a week long camp that introduces junior high school students to a high level view of the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) disciplines.

Drive For Design: Linking Project Documents

I’m back home refreshed and energized from my time at Front End Design Conference in St. Petersburg, Florida. I was lucky enough to speak about my experiences working remote back home in The Bahamas. A part of the talk discussed some of the tips and tricks I’ve learned while trying to improve my workflow to be more efficient.

Hip Hop & The Web – How A Culture Can Define A Process

As a creator of the web, there are two things I am constantly thinking of: finding things that inspire me and also perfecting my workflow. That inspiration might be a new tool, framework or technique to use in a project. Above all I’m always trying to define a process that I can use to effectively do work.